This book was written with students and with continual feedback from the online educational research community.

Those who have authored chapters or otherwise provided guidance to improve this book include the following (in alphabetical order):

  • Matt Armstrong
  • Bekki Brau
  • Cade Dopp
  • Alyssa Erickson
  • Nathan Fox
  • Jeanine Lundell
  • Esther Michela
  • Isaac Pfleger
  • Elizabeth Robinson
  • Jesse Welsh

While writing this book, the editor elicited public feedback, corrections, and adjustments via his personal website and social media, such as Twitter. Interested contributors are invited to leave comments to the editor by email to or through Twitter @roycekimmons.

When providing feedback and suggestions, please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it civil. Anonymity and social distance from others online can often lead us to behave in ways that we normally would not. When leaving comments, please avoid succumbing to reductionist, ad hominem, or strawman fallacies in your comments. Sharing our work with others always implies a certain level of vulnerability, and as critiques, we need to be careful to avoid being hurtful or dismissive merely because it is in our power to do so.
  • Focus the feedback. Connect feedback with specific points in the text. For instance, if you feel that the text is too wordy, give direct examples from the text that you believe are indicative of this issue.
  • Provide solutions, not just criticism. For example, if you do not believe that a statement is sufficiently substantiated with evidence, please provide suggestions for references that might provide evidence.

Additionally, if community members would like to be more heavily involved in the writing of the textbook and be listed as a co-author, they are invited to contact the author.


Navigating Education Research Copyright © by Royce Kimmons. All Rights Reserved.

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